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super bright 180mm 12W round led panel light for bathroom with CE

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  • Brand name:Inman
  • Light Source:LED/Energy Saving/Other
  • Cover Material:Plastic/Other
  • Material:Metal/Plastic/Glass
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  • Brand name:Inman
  • Light Source:LED/Energy Saving/Other
  • Cover Material:Plastic/Other
  • Material:Metal/Plastic/Glass




 The main property and feature of LED panel lamp as follow: 
1. The LED panel lamp used sealed design ,is made up of the light-emitting evenly reflective panel, effective light guide plate and aluminium alloy. Uniform emitting light, intensity of illumination is higher.

 2. the shape of LED panel is thin,the heat dissipation function is perfect, low power, producing heat a little.

 3. The LED panel light can agjust color temperature,according to different needs and environmental changes, not only no radiation and dazzle light,but also can protect vision,the light is more gentle.

4. The LED light source is a kind of high hardness resin luminous body rather than tungsten wire,glass, etc., it is not easy to damage, so its vibration resistance is relatively high,and it can work normally at a variety of environment temperature system.

5.The LED panel light can control a variety of dynamic program through an external controller,can adjust color temperature as well as the degree of light and shade.
1.Meeting room, negotiation room, supermarket;

2.Factory, plant, warehouse, office;

3.Residence room;

4.Instreading of indoor celling light.
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